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Relaxation Massage

A common association with relaxation massages is that it’s a luxury treatment.   This year will mark 11 years of being a massage therapist and the idea that relaxation massage is a luxury option is still of strong opinion. Remedial massages have very quickly become the more popular massage of choice amongst the public. Maybe there’s the perception of greater benefit or a decision of need vs want with remedial and relaxation massages. So what are the benefits of a relaxation massage?

  • Relaxation
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Improving circulation
  • Can be meditative during treatment
  • Soften some tight and superficial muscles
  • Improving mental clarity and focus
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce stress
  • Pain reduction

Personally I feel relaxation massages are one of those treatment types you need to be in the right mood for. I’ve had requests in past where the client may want a predominantly relaxation massage with some remedial massage techniques thrown in. For example, a full body relaxation massage with remedial work to the neck and shoulders as those areas feel particularly tight causing headaches. I’ve largely leaned towards relaxation massages over any other modality in my lifetime as it gives me the best feeling walking out relaxed and lighter. Sometimes rather than hammering away at a troubled area on your body with a remedial massage, a relaxation massage is all you need to induce the psychological change to handle pain or discomfort better. You’re a different person with pain compared to reduced pain.

Another thing I’d like to clear up when you receive a relaxation massage is that you can ask the massage therapist to increase the pressure.   For the most part, pressure is independent to the massage type you request. You can have a relaxation massage with light, medium or firm pressure. The technique remains the same here ie. generally broad and repetitive strokes equally delivered when two sides are involved.

Will this strongly make you reconsider relaxation massages as more than what most perceive it as? Probably not, great if it does, but at least you’ve read this article to the end which means I’ve planted a seed somewhere in your mind.


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