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Massage and WorkCover

A lot of people aren’t aware that you can apply for remedial massages or myotherapy treatment through WorkCover. Granted, it needs to be a work related injury for the purpose of the approval. I’ve only ever been approached with 2 WorkCover cases over the past 12 years of practice. Aside from that, I’d say I’ve received a further 2 enquiries on how to go about getting approval. And it’s only recently that I’ve noticed there is an increase in advertising promoting WorkCover.

To get approval for remedial massages or myotherapy specifically, the worker needs to approach their appointed GP to get written consent that the client will benefit from such services. On top of that, sometimes the appointed insurance company will request a report from the therapist to justify why the client needs remedial massages or myotherapy, their findings, treatment plan and justification on the cost. The percentage in which a worker will get approval? That, I don’t know.

Keep in mind, the insurance company will only cover partial cost of the treatment which means the client/worker will be out of pocket. I suppose that’s another consideration if you really want that approval for remedial massages or myotherapy. It’s almost like private health cover, 99% of the time you’ll be out of pocket. Is it really worth utilising the service just cos you’re covered for it? You’ll never win or come out on top if you’re crunching numbers in this game.

I guess there’s a perception out there that in order for you to get back to work asap, remedial massage or myotherapy wouldn’t be at the top of the list of treatments to help you reach that goal. It’s more common to opt for a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor and then remedial massage or myotherapy is seen as the adjunct to the first choice practitioner. On a positive note, at least our services are taken seriously enough to be recognised as an effective tool to help with rehabilitation and recovery from workplace related injuries.


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