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Massage with Physiotherapy

A popular alignment with receiving physiotherapy treatments is having a massage. As existing clients are aware, my practice locations are located within Kieser Training, in Camberwell and Malvern. Kieser is a physiotherapy guided training centre where your workout program is drawn up according to your pre-existing injuries and postural condition. Of course, there are many clients in the centre which come purely for physiotherapy treatments without joining the program. And as Kieser is focused on rehabilitation and posture management, many members revel in the convenience of being able to get a massage at the same location.

The consultations with the Kieser physiotherapists usually take 30minutes. For most clients, they enjoy being able to book in a massage straight after or when they feel they no longer need physiotherapy specifically. At times, clients feel 30 minutes isn’t enough and would rather book in a solid hour of massage. Usually the reason is to continue the manual work a Kieser physiotherapist has been doing as well as to include a general massage to the rest of the body. Receiving a holistic treatment can make clients feel more balanced. To add to this, the physiotherapists are also aware sometimes 30 minutes isn’t enough treatment time with the client and may prefer the soft tissue work be carried on by me and my massage team. This saves them time to either work on other areas the client may need addressing or to get them out on the Kieser training floor to reassess and readjust their program.

Of course, Massage Therapia doesn’t just work with the physiotherapists at Kieser Malvern and Camberwell, we welcome all clientele that have been treated by other modalities such as osteopaths, chiropractors , GP’s and WorkCover referrals, to name a few.

If you have been referred on or get the “ok” to start receiving massages for rehabilitation, clients have found it useful to get the referring practitioner to scribble down specific muscles or areas to be treated by the massage therapist.


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