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Massage and Weight Loss

Weight loss has always been a hot topic through the ages, particularly when it comes to deciphering what promotes and speeds up dropping those kilos. There’s countless exercise programs, sporting activities, appetite suppressants, fat burning pills, surgical procedures, food diet makeovers, to name a few, all claiming to either tone up or rid your body of this substance we call fat. In my area of expertise, I probably should address the question; will massage help you lose weight?

If you’re questioning whether massage will somehow magically rub away fat or dissolve it against my therapeutic hands, the answer is no.

Can massage indirectly help with your weight loss goals, yes.

The general benefits of massage are that it increases circulation throughout the body and promotes relaxation. Touch through massage can cue the body into regulating hormones and by manually pushing blood to circulate around the body, bring nutrients to areas of injury and pain, as well as move fluid and inflammatory agents away from the site. That is the meaning of massage being able to heal. So when coupled with an exercise program, recovering from surgery or eating cleaner, massage will help aid in reducing recovery time, reduce post-workout pain or increase your metabolic rate. All these factors contribute to your capacity to control and lose weight and reach your goal sooner.

And we shouldn’t just touch on the physiological effects of massage and weight loss, but your mindset and motivation plays an important factor to reaching your weight loss goal. When you receive a massage, not only does it make you feel good but it reduces anxiety and stress. If you decide to receive regular massage treatments, your massage therapist should also provide you with feedback on the changes in muscle tone and tissue quality as you progress. The better you feel about yourself, the more likely you are not to give up on making these positive changes for you.


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